SSA’s Advisory No.5

SSA’s Advisory No.5

SSA’s Advisory No. 5

5 February 2020


Message from SSA General Director For All SSA Members

Dear Leaders and Members,

My warmest regards to you and your family. I hope everyone is keeping well and taking precautionary measure in your daily life in midst of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection.

With the latest updates announced by the Ministry of Health last evening (4 February 2020) where limited local communal transmission has taken place, we have reviewed and will suspend all activities in February with immediate effect. This decision is made with the members’ well-being as our foremost priority, aligning ourselves with our Government’s directives. We will continue to monitor the latest development and respond to the needs of the situation. We seek your kind understanding and support in this.

As the Gosho state, “Employ the strategy of the Lotus Sutra before any other” (WND-1, p. 1001), let us chant determined daimoku with fervent prayers for the good health, strong life-force and safety of all our members and the people in Singapore. Please take good care of yourselves and your family.


Tay Eng Kiat

General Director







根据昨天(2月4日)傍晚卫生部发布的文告,2019新型冠状病毒(简称新冠病毒)在我国出现有限本地感染病例。因此,我们检讨了情况,决定取消所有2月份的活动,即日生效我们优先考量的是学会员的安全与健康,同时也是 依据政府的方针而相应做出这个决定。我们将继续关注局势的发展,并且对局势的演变做出最适当的应对。希望得到大家的谅解与支持。