SSA’s Advisory on COVID-19 Situation

SSA’s Advisory on COVID-19 Situation

SSA’s Advisory No. 13

06 April 2020


With the latest measures announced by the Government on 3 April to limit COVID-19 transmission, please note that SSA will be making the following adjustments to our operations between 7 April to 4 May:

SSA Operations

  • All SSA Centres will be closed. This includes all Sales outlets.
  • E-sales will be suspended as no orders can be processed for delivery.

Soka Funerals and Wakes

  • SSA staff will continue to support funerals and wakes. There will be no more than 10 persons at any one time (excluding support staff), with precautionary measures exercised on site.
  • Columbarium remains closed to all visitors.

SSA Wedding Ceremonies

  • Wedding Ceremonies will temporarily be suspended till further notice.

SSA Publications

  • There will not be any delivery of April’s SSA Times and May’s Creative Life till office operations resume. However, the e-copies will be accessible via on 15 April for SSA Times and 1 May for Creative Life, if you are already a subscriber.

For any further queries, you may call the SSA main line at 6551 8900 (Mon-Fri: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm)  or email us at

Let’s not let our guard down at this critical juncture and we would like to urge everyone to pay heed to the Government’s advisories to stay home as much as possible.

Ikeda Sensei shared recently on 2 April in relation to the COVID-19 situation,

“I pray that our hopeful, revitalizing philosophy of “changing poison into medicine will continue to strengthen our indomitable network of global citizens who never let anything defeat them.”

Let us stay composed, remain hopeful and undefeated, while we continue to pray for the early resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please take good care of yourselves.


SSA’s Advisory No. 10

23 March 2020

Message from SSA General Director for all SSA Members

Let’s Persevere with our Courageous 1-2-3 Actions!

Dear cherished SSA Members,

My sincere greetings to everyone! I hope you and your family are all keeping safe and in good health.

The World Health Organisation has declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic and the daily situation remains dynamic. To ensure everyone’s well-being and to fulfil our social responsibility of keeping everyone safe, we have further reviewed April’s activities.

Though we are still unable to resume our regular activities in April, we will be introducing new online activities for everyone. Please be assured that these are interim measures and are not meant to replace our usual activities.

For the traditional Qing Ming Festival in April, we will also be exercising extra caution and will not be holding our Memorial Prayer Service. Our Columbarium will be closed from March 25 to April 30 (including Sat, Sun & Public Holidays), and we will instead be holding a Nationwide Alliance Daimokukai on 4 April (Sat), from 2-3pm, to offer sincere prayers for our deceased family members and relatives.

SGI President Ikeda in his guidance explained:

The bonds between parent and child, the ties connecting loved ones, are very profound. Of course the faith of the deceased when they were still alive is most important, but sincere daimoku chanted by their children or surviving family members can lead them to attain Buddhahood.

​“Even after a person passes away, [because our lives are interconnected in both life and death,] our prayers for the deceased to attain Buddhahood will definitely reach them. That’s why it’s so important for family members and loved ones to chant daimoku and continue to exert themselves in their Buddhist faith and practice for those who have passed away.(NHR Vol 25, “Gentle Breeze” chapter)

Some of the activities in April include:
Nationwide Alliance Daimokukai for Deceased Loved One(s)
4 April (Sat), 2-3pm at individual home

Nationwide GD Address & Gosho Study for All Members via Online Streaming
4 April (Sat), 8pm Both English and Chinese
5 April (Sun), 2pm Both English and Chinese

District Online Discussion Meeting
3rd & 4th week of April

Your leaders will furnish you with further details on the date and time.

In his recent essay, Ikeda Sensei shared his thoughts in relation to COVID-19,

“The medical profession and society as a whole in Japan and around the world are making great efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). I have deepest gratitude for the countless individuals who are working tirelessly day and night on various fronts in this challenge. I am also chanting wholeheartedly with a fervent prayer for the quickest possible end to this threat and a return to normality and safety.”

In these challenging times, let us pray earnestly in one heart with our mentor and together with fellow members around the world for the early resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every one of us should also exercise wisdom to ensure safety first by taking good care of ourselves, to live each day creating value and advancing cheerfully in high spirits.

Please stay well and take good care of yourselves and your families.

With my sincere regards,

Tay Eng Kiat

General Director

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