SSA Publications

Subscribing to SSA Publications

Creative Life

Creative Life is a monthly magazine published by SSA. It contains editorials and essays by SGI President Ikeda, features and articles on Buddhist doctrines, as well as testimonies of local and overseas members.

SSA Times

SSA Times is published once every fortnight and carries news of SSA’s latest endeavours for peace, culture and education. Other highlights include articles on applying Buddhism in daily life and testimonies from members.

Alternatively, you can visit our SSA Headquarters.
Payment mode by Visa/Master Card (Credit/Debit) only. Price of subscription to Creative Life is $4 per month and SSA Times (2 issues per month) is $5 per month (inclusive of postage).  A minimum of 6 months subscription is required.

SSA Publication Subscription Fee
Creative Life (Monthly) SSA Times (Bi-weekly)
Categories Per Month 6 months 12 Months Per Month 6 months 12 Months
Singapore S$4.00 S$24.00 S$48.00 S$5.00 S$30.00 S$60.00
Overseas – Airmail
Zone 1
Malaysia / Brunei
S$7.00 S$42.00 S$84.00 S$9.00 S$54.00 S$108.00
Zone 2
Countries in Asia and the Pacific (except Australia, Japan and New Zealand)
S$10.00 S$60.00 S$120.00 S$11.00 S$66.00 S$132.00
Zone 3
Countries in the rest of the world, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East
S$13.00 S$78.00 S$156.00 S$14.00 S$84.00 S$168.00
Overseas – Surface Mail
To all countries (except Malaysia and Brunei) S$8.00 S$48.00 S$96.00 S$11.00 S$66.00 S$132.00