Dear Members,

With effect from January 2020, there will be some changes to our organ papers, namely the Creative Life and SSA Times.

  1. Creative Life
    The subscription rate will be revised from $4 to $5 per copy. You will receive the Creative Life at the beginning of each month. Besides the printed copy, you will also have access to complimentary e-copies of the Creative Life from 2017 onwards.
  2. SSA Times
    The subscription rate will remain at $5 per month. SSA Times will become a monthly paper instead of a bi-weekly paper. The two bi-weekly papers will be combined into a monthly issue. The total number of pages will remain. You will receive it in the middle of each month. Besides the printed copy, you will also have access to complimentary e-copies of the SSA Times from January 2020, and the NHR pullout page for 2019 onwards.

Please note that the complimentary e-copy is on a one-year trial and is currently made available to SSA Members only. Each subscriber is entitled to one e-copy portal account and the person will only be able to access the e-copy portal account from Singapore with his/her valid email that is registered with the SSA Membership database.

For any queries, you may please write to us at Contact Us.

We thank you for your continued support.

SSA Subscription Department

Subscribing to SSA Publications

Creative Life

Creative Life is a monthly magazine published by SSA. It contains editorials and essays by SGI President Ikeda, features and articles on Buddhist doctrines, as well as testimonies of local and overseas members.


SSA Times

SSA Times is published once a month (with effect from January 2020) and carries news of SSA’s latest endeavours for peace, culture and education. Other highlights include articles on applying Buddhism in daily life and testimonies from members.


SSA Publication Subscription Fee (inclusive of postage)
  Creative Life
SSA Times
Frequency Monthly
(Beginning of the month)
Categories Unit Price 6
Unit Price 6
12 months
Singapore S$5.00 S$30.00 S$60.00 S$5.00 S$30.00 S$60.00
Complimentary for Singapore Subscribers

Access to E-copy
+ E-archive of Creative Life from 2017 onwards

Access to E-copy
+ E-archive of  New Human Revolution Resources (Pull-out Section) from 2019 onwards
Overseas – Airmail Unit Price 6
Unit Price 6
12 months
Zone 1
Malaysia / Brunei
S$8.00 S$48.00 S$96.00 S$9.00 S$54.00 S$108.00
Zone 2
Countries in Asia and the Pacific (except Australia, Japan and New Zealand)
S$11.00 S$66.00 S$132.00 S$11.00 S$66.00 S$132.00
Zone 3
Countries in the rest of the world, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East
S$14.00 S$84.00 S$168.00 S$14.00 S$84.00 S$168.00
Overseas – Surface Mail
To all countries (except Malaysia and Brunei) S$10.00 S$60.00 S$120.00 S$11.00 S$66.00 S$132.00


  • Minimum subscription is 6 months.
  • Subscription starts the following month after it is made or after expiry month unless otherwise stated.
      • E.g. 1: For a new subscription, if the subcription is made in October 2020, the earliest month to start receiving the publication is November 2020. One may also choose to start from January 2021.
      • E.g. 2: If one’s subscription expiry is in February 2021, the renewal will kick in from March 2021, unless otherwise requested.
  • Expiry month of one’s current subscription is printed on the magazine mailer.

Ways to Subscribe

1) Online

a) E-Subscription at
Payment mode by Visa/Master Card (Credit/Debit) only.

Application form available at all SSA Centres or downloadable here.

2) Walk-in to SSA Centres

  • Specifically catered for those unable to subscribe electronically.

a) At Front Desk of  SSA Headquarters & Senja Soka Centre.
Modes of payment via cash, cheque, NETS or Credit Card [Visa/Master Card (Credit/Debit) only].

b) NETS Self-help Kiosk at the following centres located at SSA Headquarters & Senja Soka Centre.

3) By Mail – Cheque only

    • Subscriber Details: on the reverse side of the cheque Full Name, Contact No. & Mailing Address
    • For Subscribers, please also state your Subscription Type (Creative Life and/or SSA Times), Subscription Duration (number of months)
    • Please mail to SSA:
                  Singapore Soka Association
                  10 Tampines Street 81
                  Singapore (529014)
    • Cheque crossed and payable to: Singapore Soka Association

For enquiries, please write to us at Contact Us