The Journey to Get There Together

The Journey to Get There Together

Youth Expedition Project—“Project Shine 2011”

Life’s moments are often shared amongst one another. Most precious are the people encountered, the friendships made and the challenges surmounted. It is never about the destination, but the journey to get there together.

From 9 to 25 October, 16 youths represented SSA on a 17-day Youth Expedition Project (YEP) to He Di Junior High School in He Di Township of Shanxi Province, China. Named “Project Shine 2011” and in its third consecutive year of running, the YEP this year aims to incite interest in the students to learn English; encouraging them to pursue their dreams and to build new bridges of friendship with our overseas partners.

Over the span of 14 days, the youths of SSA facilitated English and Physical Education (PE) lessons for the 800 students in He Di Junior High School. Using creative learning methods, the team engaged the English classes through skits and games of charade to impart values such as courage, friendship and dedication. The inspiring spirit of great individuals like Helen Keller and Thomas Edison were also introduced.

In PE lessons, the team engaged the students through friendly competitions such as Captain’s Ball and three-legged races. They also introduced the the mass Singapore workout for the school and organised a sports carnival where both students and teachers participated in various station games, inculcating values of perseverance and sportsmanship through the activities.

To further deepen the bonds of friendship between the people of China and Singapore, the team also organised various platforms for cultural exchanges. During one of the lunch sessions, the team prepared and served the all-time Singaporean favourite of chicken curry to the entire school! Besides showcasing the ethnic costumes of the four major races in Singapore, the team also performed a medley of Singaporean dances and songs for the hosts. The Chinese counterparts reciprocated through various dance performances and the playing of the Chinese zither and electric piano.

Indeed, these youths of SSA poured out their lives to inspire and engage students in He Di Junior High School. Every action was traced back to the footsteps of their mentor, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda, who opened the path of friendship between Japan and China in the 1970s. The host went the extra mile to provide the team with comfortable food and lodging. The students also left a deep impression upon the team with their seeking spirit and their dreams.

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