Youth Musical – Let the SHOW begin!

Youth Musical – Let the SHOW begin!

The SSA Youth Musical put up 18 shows held across a period of three weekends from March 13 to 28, 2010 at the SSA Headquarters’ Ikeda Culture Auditorium.

Entitled “Spreading Humanism, Opening the Way”, the show portrays the life of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda as adapted from his auto-biographical novels The Human Revolution and The New Human Revolution. The show protagonist is Shin’ichi Yamamoto (SGI President Ikeda’s pen name in the novels), an individual who strives unceasingly to build bridges of peace based upon the life-affirming philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism.

“The SSA Youth Musical (SYM) conveyed the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple, and even more so of President Toda’s and President Ikeda’s cry: ‘Youth Division! The future of kosen-rufu (peace and happiness of all people) is all up to you!’ It continues to stir rousing emotions within my heart, long after the musical has ended,” shared Women Division Assistant District Leader Chan Sian Hui.

“It was a very well executed performance. It clearly conveyed the founding history of Soka Gakkai and the message of kosen-rufu. The act has a very powerful and inspirational impact on me and it will always stay in my mind,” shared another member Puneet Machotra.

Feedbacks and responses from invited friends had also been extremely encouraging. “The performance is very impressive. It made an impact and gives me a lot of new views about Soka,” shared one new friend. Another commented: “An inspirational performance. Lots of dedication and zest amongst the performers. Good portrayal of the journey of a dedicated individual.” Another remarked: “I am grateful that there is a group fighting to give happiness to the world and fighting for right of every individual. It is a good mission to stand up against nuclear weapon development. I learnt a lot about the mission and purpose of SSA.”

Show Synopsis

Upon encountering his mentor Josei Toda, the second president of the Soka Gakkai, at a discussion meeting in post-war Japan, 19-year-old Shin’ichi Yamamoto found answers to life through the strong conviction of Toda, who was a strong advocate against Japan’s militaristic government.

Toda gave his all to nurture the young Shin’ichi through instructing him on a wide-ranging scope of subjects relating to topics, such as philosophy, science, literature, politics, history, etc. With deep gratitude, Shin’ichi dedicated his youth by striving alongside with his mentor, working at his publishing company, and spearheading the Soka Gakkai in achieving an unprecedented 750,000 membership. The show also depicts the shared bond between Shin’ichi and Mineko as life partners striving for peace.

Upon the passing of Toda, Shin’ichi took the helm as the third president of the Soka Gakkai on May 3, 1960. However, as the Soka Gakkai membership grew larger under his leadership, it met with many challenges from within and without of the organisation. Undaunted, Shin’ichi continues to engage in dialogues and activities for world peace.

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